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Mistakes to Avoid When Answering

Category: Jobs | Created By: Upreak | Created At: 2024-03-30

1. Being Too Vague

  • Avoid: General or non-specific responses that don't showcase your abilities.
  • Why: Specific examples demonstrate your skills and achievements more effectively.


2. Picking the Wrong Accomplishment

  • Avoid: Choosing an achievement that isn't relevant to the job or the company's needs.
  • Why: Relevant accomplishments show that your skills and experiences align with what the employer is looking for.


3. Exaggerating or Lying

  • Avoid: Overstating your achievements or claiming accomplishments you didn't achieve.
  • Why: Honesty is crucial in building trust; exaggerations can be easily uncovered and damage your credibility.


4. Not Providing Enough Context

  • Avoid: Omitting the background or details necessary to understand your achievement.
  • Why: Using the STAR method helps the interviewer grasp the full scope and impact of your accomplishment.


5. Taking Too Long

  • Avoid: Overly lengthy explanations that stray off-topic.
  • Why: Conciseness keeps the interviewer engaged and shows that you can communicate effectively.


6. Not Asking for Feedback

  • Avoid: Failing to engage with the interviewer after sharing your accomplishment.
  • Why: Asking for feedback shows your openness to learning and interest in the interviewer's perspective.


By steering clear of these mistakes, you can provide a well-crafted and impactful response that highlights your achievements in a manner that resonates with the interviewer. Remember, the goal is to effectively communicate an accomplishment that not only showcases your past success but also illustrates your potential value to the employer.