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Own the Room Mastering Interviews through Confidence

Category: Jobs | Created By: Upreak | Created At: 2024-03-09

Boosting Confidence 

1. Preparation is Key 

How: Dive deep into the job description, company culture, and your own resume 

Why: Familiarity breeds confidence, knowing your stuff can significantly lower anxiety levels. 

2. Breathing Exercises 

How: Practice deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing before the interview.  

Why: Practicing deep breathing helps calm your nervous system and clear your mind. 

3. Narrate with Confidence 

How: Rehearse your achievements and practice telling them as stories.  

Why: Anecdotes are memorable and showcasing your achievements factually doesn't come off as bragging. 

4. Eye Contact 

How: Maintain steady, natural eye contact during the conversation.  

Why: It conveys confidence and shows you're actively engaged. 

5. Distraction Techniques 

How: Use subtle distractions to manage acute nervousness while waiting.  

Why: It prevents overthinking and keeps your anxiety in check.